Thursday, 16 March 2017

Rowany Newcomer's AS 51 #1

Of creating my first lot of men's garb.

I finally managed to convince my SO to go to a SCA event with me. I told him I would spring for his booking and also make him his garb.

Which has lead me to this stage. Only two weeks out and I haven't done anything except pattern a doublet, which isn't really me patterning because I am just using a pattern from The Tudor Tailor. SO wanted something Flemish, and the design of the doublet/hose combo in The Tudor Tailor was pretty close to the clothing in the Flemish paintings. So here goes.

Men's garb is hard.

On a whim at Spring War last year, I bought a cotehardie made of a lovely silk brocade and lined with silk that was miles too big for me. There's enough fabric in the original garment for the construction of a doublet and enough in the lining to make silk hose.
This is the thing I was talking about

Wednesday, 15 March 2017