Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Rowany Festival Garb AS 51 #1


In reality I only have a day's worth of sewing to do, but mental health can be a real downer some days.


I decided on my SCA persona this year, after much deliberation and back and forth with myself.

I liked the look of the 16th C Flemish marketwomen's gowns featured in so many paintings from the period, so I went with a Flemish common woman. There were a few considerations for me in this besides aesthetics; the biggest one being ease of movement from a less restrictive form of dress.

This meant that I would need to come up with a pattern, which I did. It was based off extant paintings such as the ones by Pieter Bruegel the Elder and Joachim Beukelaer. The bodice is two pieces, which I will use for both the kirtle and the overgown. Despite the fact that there are no visible side seams in the paintings, I am taking a small liberty with the bodice construction and making a two-piece bodice, as it provides more structural integrity and holds up my boobs better.

As far as I could tell from my research, the kirtles and overgowns were cut out of the same bodice pattern, as you can't actually see the top of the kirtle under the gown. The overgowns were open fronted, whilst the kirtles most likely sidelaced.

16th C Flemish bodice back

16th C Flemish bodice front

Image result for 16th century flemish painters market women
This painting by Joachim Beukelaer shows servant women wearing the kind
of gowns that I am looking to emulate.

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