Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Rowany Festival Garb AS 51 #2

Colours and fabrics: or, why I'm probably never going to be a Laurel

When choosing fabrics, I went with linen, as it is easy to dye and I can wear it without getting hives like I do with wool. Although there is not much in the way of evidence for linen garments beyond smocks, coifs, and aprons and the like; I would like to be able to wear my garb comfortably.

I just heard my dreams of being Laureled being dashed against the rocks.  

I purchased two weights of linen, heavy (for the kirtles, in order to provide support) and medium (for the overgowns). I hand-dyed three out of the four lots of linen I picked up, basing the colours on the colours represented in the extant paintings. The subsequent palette is something that works well together, and it means I can mix and match the kirtles and overgowns. 

Brown linen for undergown (dyed)
Red linen for undergown
Green linen for overgown (dyed)
Blue linen for overgown (dyed)
The full palette

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